Salamat Sazan Pars Buali with the registered brand name of PBA Pharma is the production site of the group that began its activities in 2016 for building the plant located in Shiraz Especial Economic Zone as the manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and medicine. 


Salamat Sazan Pars Buali : Vision and Mission


- Manufacture products with the best raw materials and high quality to assure patients treatment

- Promote pharmaceutical industry in southern region of Iran

- Support local and country demands for different medicines as required for organ transplantation

- Increase job occupation

- Supply of Medicines needed in the country

- Reduce costs in incurable diseases

- Improve society health by producing medicines needed in the country

- Research and developing new drug formulations


Office Address :

No.2, Deliran Tangestan St, Fakhteh Avenue,  Amir Kabir BLVD.

Shiraz, Iran          Postal Code 7188717913                          

Tel: +98 7138228080-81 / +987138333131 & 3232 / Fax :Ext.4  


Production Site address :

No. E4-118 - West Saderat Blvd. , Phase 2

Shiraz Especial Economic Zone

Shiraz , Iran         Postal Code : 7159115638

 Tel: +98 7137175870-79 


Web site: 

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