Milad-Daru Fars Distribution Company, for distribution of drugs

·         Milad holding began their activities in summer 2004 with the provincial distribution company of Milad-Daru Fars. This company started its activities in Fars province, located in south central Iran with the objective of providing medicines which have shortage in the market and/or medicines which are sophisticated and specialized medicines and do not exists in pharmacies like general medicines such as patient’s name basis prescription drugs.

·         Milad-Daru Fars Distribution Company is now considered as a reputable, strong and efficient distribution company in Fars Province as well as in neighboring provinces, covering central and southern parts of Iran with million population. It meets the demands of almost all pharmacies and medical centers of this vast region. Thanks to its fast and accurate services, all patients, doctors and pharmacists are quite satisfied and happy with Milad-Daru Fars and its services. Focusing on its goal which is serving patients and pharmacies, Milad-Daru Fars has grown tremendously by offering a wide range of products in a timely and specialized manner during past years.