Reza-Daru Pars Company, for importation of shortage drugs and single-prescription drugs to Iran

In 2007, Reza-Daru Pars Company was founded and it began its activities by importation of required drugs for Fars province and southern provinces of Iran based on therapeutic protocols assigned by the general and specialist doctors all over Iran . In order to meet the pharmaceutical needs of regional patients, Reza Daru Pars started importation of single-prescription drugs as well as shortage drugs, and during past years, it has expanded its activities by fast and timely importation of required drugs of the region and also the whole country. It is now considered as a credible and confident importer of drugs in


: Suppliers                     

Reza Daru Pars Co. is part of Milad Holding group working with different  European suppliers in Germany, England, Switzerland, Spain, India,Turkey,Greece,Poland,Belgium, Itay etc and is increasing its relationships with other business partners according to increase the activities of Milad group.