·         Yasin-Daru Fars Company, for getting the agency of pharmaceutical manufacturers, registration of their products and getting their IRC (Iranian Registration Code) with the Iranian MOH, importation, distribution, sale and pharmacovigilence of drugs in Iran.

·         In 2010, Milad Holding founded Yasin-Daru Fars Company based on their experience in distribution and importation of drugs. The main objective of this company is to get the agency of European and American pharmaceutical manufacturers of drugs and some food supplements in order to register them with the Iranian MOH, get their IRC (Iranian Registration Code), distribute and sale and pharmacovigilence of these products.

·         Based on our experience and expertise, a steady and regular supply of such products can meet the demand of a wide range of Iranian patients.

·         We are Making exclusive representative Contracts with some manufacturer Companies in the world like HELP Pharmaceuticals in Greece and other companies.